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Tai chi improves postural stability in Parkinson’s disease

Individuals with Parkinson’s disease suffer from movement impairments that negatively impact balance which, in turn, adversely affects functional ability, quality of life and fall risk. Exercise is an important element of disease management in individuals with Parkinson’s. Resistance training has been show to be beneficial, but individuals require equipment and safety monitoring to do such […]

Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Metabolic Risk Factors, and Mortality

Research has shown that mortality is particularly high among those with the lowest levels of cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF). The increased mortality in this group is primarily thought to be due to cardiovascular disease and cancer. While a sedentary lifestyle is partly responsible for this excess risk, there is also a clustering of cardiovascular risk factors […]

Sitting Time and Mortality

A recent Australian study has shown that the amount of time we spend sitting can impact our health, regardless of whether or not we exercise. In a study of 222,497 individuals aged 45 or over, van der Ploeg and colleagues found that individuals who spend 11 or more hours per day sitting have a 40% […]