Dear Friends of New Heart

The pandemic has dramatically changed all our lives. It is doubly difficult for those of you recovering from surgery or a heart attack but there is much you can do to stay safe. What we do know is that what you were doing to maintain your health is very important in building immunity.  We know that your immunity is boosted with regular exercise, good heart healthy nutrition and getting enough sleep.

Our wonderful staff at New Heart has produced a series of videos that will help you stay in shape. You can watch them by clicking on the button below.

On these lovely days, try to walk 5,000 steps a day using social distancing of more than six feet.

Wear your face mask and of course, personal hygiene with frequent hand washing are important.

Barry W. Ramo,  MD, FACC

Director, New Heart Fitness and Health 
Cardiologist, New Mexico  Heart Institute, Lovelace Medical Group
Clinical Professor of  Medicine and Emergency Medicine, University of New Mexico
Consulting Professor of Medicine, Duke University
Medical Editor, KOAT  TV (abc)

Office:  505-881-8195
Mobile: 505-269-9282

601 Lomas NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102