The New Heart Center for Wellness, Fitness and Cardiac Rehabilitation, a program of the New Mexico Heart Institute Foundation is a comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program offered to individuals who have suffered from heart problems. This Cardiac Rehab program is housed in a wonderful 14,000 square-foot facility that provides a safe and healing place for individuals with a wide variety of cardiac problems to recover back to good or even better health. New Heart is located at 601 Lomas Blvd. NE, just east of downtown Albuquerque.

The 36-session program provides one-on-one exercise training that includes both aerobic and strength training. Each patient and their family receive extensive information about nutrition and weight management through one-on-one sessions with a nutritionist and workshops with dietitians. The program addresses the mental health of the participants with programs in mindfulness, stress reduction and a private visit with a life coach. The medical staff at New Heart reviews the medication the patients are taking to assure that they are correct and effective.

cr1Regular Exercise

A supervised exercise program tailored just for you, by exercise specialists.

cr2-copyAdopt a Heart Healthy Diet

Education about meals that are low in salt and rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low fat meats and fish.

cr3Reduce Stress

Education in controlling your daily stress through relaxation techniques, recreation, music and other various methods.

cr4Understand Medications

Advice on how to follow your doctor’s instructions carefully and take your medications as directed.

cr5Stop Smoking

Instruction on how to kick this harmful habit.

cr6Reduce Risk

Advice on how to continually control blood pressure, cholesterol and waistline.

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Before You Start You Will

Take a gentle walking test

Have a New Heart physician evaluation

You Will Then

Work with an exercise physiologist to create an exercise prescription. You will review your exercise prescription before each session with your exercise specialist.

The Heart Smart Lifestyle Consists of:

   ♥ One on One consult with a nutritionist

   ♥ Nutrition classes and workshops emphasizing the Mediterranean diet

   ♥ Evaluation and recommendations regarding cholesterol, blood pressure and weight management

All of this is done in concert with your healthcare provider.

Lifestyle Coaching | At New Heart you will also have access to Lifestyle Coaching which will help you evaluate emotional issues including stress, feelings of anger, anxiety or depression. These are all factors that create heart disease and can limit your rehabilitation.

Medication Assessment | You will have access to:

   ♥ A full medication review including supplements

   ♥ Education on “why” you are taking your medications

   ♥ Clear instruction on how to take your medication correctly

Tobacco and E-Cigarettes | Cigarette smoking is the number one preventable cause of heart attacks and strokes. The New Heart program will give you a referral for a smoking cessation program.

Reduce Risk | The New Heart program will help you monitor and control your blood pressure, cholesterol and your waistline.