Membership Levels

New members may join the wellness program at one of the following three levels. After reviewing each potential member’s physical activity readiness questionnaire, our staff will recommend the appropriate level for each person.

1) Self-managed full access program ($40 initial fee + $35/month):

This level is recommended for those with no significant risk factors and a strong comfort-level with exercise. Members at this level have full access to all of our exercise and weight equipment and design their own exercise programs.

2) Enhanced full access program ($40 initial fee + $45/month):

This level is recommended for low- to moderate-risk members who want some guidance from our staff. At this level, an exercise specialist will create an individualized exercise program for each member based on his or her specific level of fitness and exercise capacity. Members at this level are taught how to track their heart rate and oxygen saturation levels during exercise and receive a blood pressure check every third exercise visit. In addition, our staff will help these members gradually increase their level of exercise intensity over time, always staying within an appropriate and healthy range. Members at this level may also schedule an individual weight training orientation, during which our exercise specialists design a weight training program specific to each member’s needs.

3) Medically-supervised limited access program ($40 initial fee + $60/month):

This level is recommended for high-risk members who for various reasons may need clinical supervision. These members may only exercise during the hours that one of our doctors is in the building. This level is recommended for those who are medically fragile or have complicated medical histories requiring occasional medical oversight. Exercise hours for this level are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8 A.M. – noon, and from 1 – 5 P.M.

Personal Training

For those interested in working one-on-one with a personal trainer to reach fitness goals, we offer personal training. Please talk to Omar for more information.

Join today and get access to this unique gym run by cardiologists, amazing classes focused on heart health as well as access to a dietitian. Gym memberships start at $30 per month.

Once you click SEND you will be contacted by a member of the New Heart staff to process your membership. Each member receives an initial health assessment to determine needs.

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